Notes on Line And Staff Organization:

Definition Of Line And Staff Organization :

       The complexities of the different aspects of business grows with the growth of business. In such a situation "line" and "staff" functions are combined.

       Under line and staff organisation, the work of administration is divided into two sections - thinking and doing - the staff being the thinkers and the line being the doers.

       The staff is responsible for planning and advice and the line is for actual execution of work.

       The line and staff, idea first originated in the army and is said to have borrowed from the army. In the world of business, the staff also came into being when the departmental heads were not in a position to do both thinking and doing functions.

      At present line and staff, organisation is considered as an important aspect of business organisation.

Advantages Of Line And Staff Organization:
  1. It fosters the principle of specialization by separating the thinking and doing functions.
  2. It strengthens the positions of various departments as the services of the staff officers available in all departments.
  3. It improves the flexibility of the organisation because of the addition of the staff to the line.
  4. The staff officers also serve as trainers to line officers.
  5. The system helps to eradicate the weakness of the organisation and preserves the good things.
  6. It helps to blend the wide knowledge of the staff specialists for proper development of the concern.
Disadvantages Of Line And Staff Organization:
  1. Conflict of opinion may arise between line and staff officers.
  2. The staff officers are often found to advice the line carelessly as they are not concerned for the operational results.
  3. The line officers often shirk responsibility for their failures with an alibi.
  4. Too much dependence on line and staff affects the performance of personnel.
  5. There is seldom true understanding of the line and staff organisation. The result is friction and annoyance.