About Us

Does it really matter - "Who are we?" and "What do we do?" We believe what should bother you is "Are we of little help for you", if yes then you may be visiting us frequently or as and when required.

Students and many professionals are often found struggling in solving Accountancy practical problems/questions for many reasons:

  1. Sometimes we tend to forget things easily as we don't practice as frequently as we need to do.
  2. Also some people don't catch up as fast as others do.
  3. And also because of the reasons that it has been a long time after passing out of the schools and colleges.
  4. And above all sometimes job profile does not suits the educational background.

Whatever the reason may be, Commerce being applied science is very dynamic in nature and a person, in the process of learning one thing tends to forget the other as all are not extremely brilliant by birth.

We often need help in understanding the same old question while solving accounting practical and if the system of learning can be made more personalised, the learner can feel free to learn and enquire sometime silly, simple or tough questions. This also helps to increase the work efficiency of the professionals.

This is because of the reason that sometime, even if we don't understand the question, we pretend to fully understand simply to avoid the feeling of awkwardness.

At commercepapers.com, we also intend to offer a helping hand in theory papers to those who are in dire need of some. Different people have different strength and weaknesses and intend to cater the needs of different people to the extent possible.

Use Commercepapers materials as a helping hand a tool to assist you in understanding the topic.

With a simple intention of assisting people in their quest for erudition, we intend to serve you with all our commitment and shall be really privileged if we could of little help.