Commerce Theory Papers And Study Materials:

             Theoretical content should be minimised with plain prose into nice headings & sub headings. To the point explanation for each with apt underlining shall produce appealing answer providing maximum info with minimum effort while saving time and ultimately fetching more marks.Recheck your answer in the end depending upon the time availability. This holds true for theoretical subjects of almost all streams.

             But this just can't be achieved in one day. To reap the maximum benefits from this method you must have not only thoroughly read the topic but also should prepare all the answers in writing beforehand, and revise them properly so that on one day of exam you can produce your answers. This requires two important things-memorizing your answers and also clear understanding of the topic. Memorizing will help to increase speed in writing and through understanding will help to make up answers in exam hall. Also you need to have a impressive handwriting and should try to create diagrams and charts as much u can.

             Remember important questions comprise of those asked in previous 10-15 years starting from the most recent papers, especially the longer answers. Also important topics are always fixed in any subject and thus chances getting repeated are more.