Notes on Meaning And Importance Of Procedure In Management:

Meaning Of Procedure:

       Procedure indicates and outlines the series of task to be performed for the accomplishment of a policy. It is a systematic way of doing a task or handling events.

       To be more precise, a procedure is a series of steps for the accomplishment of a complimentary and cumulative for the purpose.

Importance Of Procedure:

      The importance of procedures may be stated as follows:

  1. Procedures indicate the different steps to be followed in chronological order and gives definite shape in things to come for the accomplishment of a task.
  2. Procedures describe the best way of doing things It involves simplified movements and eliminates overlapping.
  3. It relieves the burden of top executives for repetitive action and decision-making with regard to many routine works by outlining a well thought out plan and definite course of action.
  4. Procedure increases the work productivity of subordinates and induces effective control.
  5. It encourages coordination by grasping the entire sequence of work and thus increases the efficiency of the employees.
  6. Procedure helps to avoid chaos and confusion in work performance and leads to simplification of task and most economical use of human efforts for easier and better ways of doing things.