Notes On Requisites Of Sound Supervision:

Meaning Of Supervision:

       Supervision is the process of superintending. Inspecting or over seeing the work of the employee. It is process of assisting and guiding the employees, creating willingness and spontaneity, their mutual trust and confidence in work performance, which is very important in the achievement of desired goals of the organisation.

Importance Of Supervision:
  1. Supervision is the first line of executives. It Commands authority and shoulders consequent responsibilities.
  2. Supervision helps to secure accomplishment of desired task from the employees. It requires effective communication, assistance, guidance and exaction.
  3. Supervision ends the process of delegation of authority. It assumes full responsibilities and gets accountable for the purpose.
  4. Supervision embodies Management ideas, thoughts, inspirations and desires of the working personnel.
  5. The process of supervision acts as a connecting link and intermediary between Management and operating personnel.
  6. Supervision infuses wholesome influences on the work environment through direct touch with the working personnel.
  7. Supervision helps to develop employee morale.
  8. Sound supervision brings into the organisation impartiality of judgment and decisions.
Requisites Of Sound Supervision:

       Sound supervision is required to deal with human problems and the solution to these problems depends upon the exercise of true leadership and consequent effective supervision. All these require wholesome qualities necessary for its attainment.

       A sound supervision is characterized by the following qualities:

  1. As a first line executive, the prime quality of good supervision is sound leadership qualities and capabilities necessary to mange the subordinates.
  2. Through knowledge and skills of human relations is another aspect of sound supervision.
  3. Thirdly, thorough knowledge and understanding of the work technical and non- technical is the other characteristic required.
  4. Success of supervision depends upon communication skill. Clarity, promptness and precision is the essence of communication.
  5. Sense of social responsibility and flexible attitude in behavior, response and reaction is required to tackle different problems and situations.
  6. Along with formal organisation a good supervisor must also be able to deal with informal organisation.
  7. Sound supervision also requires the skill to attain or solicit workers participation in all matters affecting than and their work.
  8. Effective supervisor is also characterized by the ability to take quick and correct decisions and achieve necessary co- ordination in work performance.
  9. A sound supervisor must have the capacity to provide required training to the subordinates and should also have that position or self reputation in the organisation so as to make appropriate recommendation for promotion of subordinate and that recommendation is taken into consideration by the upper level of the Management.
  10. Finally, a sound supervisor is characterized by the sound knowledge of commercial and industrial laws and union agreements which is every essential to avoid disputes and regulate internal matters peacefully.