Management-Art Or Science?

      Management can be considered as both Art and Science, as science management is not as pure as physics or chemistry but has some universally accepted principles, and as art because management requires perfection, practical knowledge, creativity, etc

Management As An Art:

      Management as an art reflects practical application of knowledge and it is perfected through knowledge and experimentation. Art is not only based on knowledge but it derives its inspiration through institution, inspiration and such other purely subjective attributes.

      As an artist, the manager has to depend on his own experiences, institutions and judgment capabilities while making a decision on any managerial problem and taking actions on the decisions to realise the objectives set out before hand.

      Finally, it can be said that human judgment and self-experience enjoy the veto power in decision and as a decision maker a manager is an artist. The heart of management is an Art acquired by conscious effort and practice.

Management As Science:

      Science implies existence of a body of knowledge in a systematized form based upon careful observations, accurate measurements, experimentations and conclusions derived from detailed analysis of data (facts and figures).

      Management is a developing science. Based upon basic principles and elements, management has universal applications in each branch of human activity- profit making as well as non- profit making organizations. Management, though not exact science like physics, chemistry or biology etc; deals with human beings and it is a social science like the science of economics. Management is not exact science as it deals with the complex nature of human being and moreover the principles of management are not fundamental truth and does not always fields desired results.

      As such management cannot be exact science as it deals with unpredictable human being with ever changing and complex nature.

      Both Art and Science are interdependent and complimentary or medicine is almost meaningless without practical applications.