Notes On Nature And Characteristics Of Management:

            Management is dynamic in nature It is a framework of flexible formula the following are the important characteristics of management:

a. Management Is A Social And Technical Process:

            Management deals with the complex human phenomenon of structure and group of people to achieve the pre -determined aims and objectives of the firms. It is a social process because these actions are primarily concerned with human relations between people.

            It is also a continuous process as because new problems crop up as the old ones are solved.

b. Management Is An Independent Skill:

            Management has emerged as an essential, a distinct, and a leading independent institution, which is a central event in the social history. It is a new basic and dominant institution a social group.

c. Management Is A Science:

            Management is a developing science It has evolved certain basic principles and elements in the form of the process of Management which has universal application in each branch of human activity profit making as well as non profit organization. Through Management cannot be compared to exact sciences like Physics, Chemistry, biology, etc. It deals with human beings and it is a social science like the science of economics.

d. Management Is An Art:

            Art is the answer to the question how. It tells us the way to accomplish the desired goals. As an art, the aim of management is to achieve the desired goals through the application of skills. Management as aim art reflects practical application of knowledge and it is perfected through knowledge and experimentation.

e. Management Is A System Of Authority:

            As a system of authority, management is presents vertical and horizontal dispersal of authority position resulting in what is popularly known as "Management Hierarchy" a chain of command. Under this system, duties and responsibilities are delegated with well-defined positional powers at all levels. This creates perfect order and discipline and avoids chaos.

f. Management Is Universal:

            Management can be said as universal because managers at all the levels of the organization performs the same functions- acting in their managerial capacity; president. Chairman, directors, departmental heads, supervisory foreman performs the same. Function. They are all engaged in getting things done through others.

g. Management Knowledge And Experience are Transferable:

            The managerial knowledge and experiences are transferable from dept. to dept, from enterprise to enterprise and from nation of nation. Executives can employ their same skill in two occupations to the extent that their tasks are managerial and not technical.

h. Management As A Profession:

      Management can be defined as a profession for which special skill and training are required and the use of these skills is not meant for self-satisfaction but for the larger interest of the society. The success of these skills is measured not only in term of these skills is measured not only in term of money but also in terms of contribution to society and humanity. Thus all professions are occupation but all occupations are nit profession because they lack certain characteristics of profession.