Notes On Objectives Of Management:

            Management is an indispensable element for any business enterprise; it acts as a stimulus for the business.

            In the onion of Peter F. Drucker, "The manager is the dynamic life- giving element his every business."

            The importance of management can be well understood from its objectives: -

1.Organisational Objectives Of Management:

            The main objective of any business management is to fulfill the goals of the firm by properly utilizing its human and physical resources and facilities. These goals are achieved through proper planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling the activities and affairs of the organization.

To achieve these predetermined objectives, management leads and motivates the workers to put their maximum efforts, experiences, skills and abilities in performing their duties and responsibilities. If the skills and abilities of the workers need to be sharpened, management also arranges for their training as and required.

2. Individual Objectives Of Management:

            Business must earn profit to sustain and too earn profit; a business must consider its human resources. The objective of the management is to good working environment to its employees so that they can perform their duties and responsibilities enthusiastically and economically. Management must also keep the morale of the workers high by providing them with proper motivation.

            The objectives of management is to delegate proper work to proper individual i.e. skilled labours be given skilled works and unskilled labours be given unskilled works.

            Management also aims to listen to the grievances of the workers so that rectification measures can be taken at correct time.

            Finally, in individual objectives, it can be said that management aims to create climate that develops "Work Culture" among the employees of the organization.

3. Social Objectives Of Management:

            Every business organization is a part of the society and as a member of the society; management of the business has some objectives that need to be fulfilled.

  1. To provide job opportunities to the people.
  2. To ensure supply of goods at the right place, at the right time and at right price.
  3. To abide by the rules and regulations of the govt.;
  4. To utilize the natural resources to the optimum;
  5. To keep the environment of industrial and commercial sector mat and claim;
  6. To give reasonable amount of profits to the shareholders.
  7. To enrich the central tradition of the society by encouraging the artists poets musicians and scholars in different walks of life.

            The socio- human obligation of every business is to develop human values such as "Moral, Co- operation and Motivation in work"; and it falls into the social objectives of management.

            If these three main objectives me fulfilled it becomes the importance of management in business establishments.