Notes On Classification And Characteristics Of Advertisement:

1. Outdoor Media:

      Outdoor media is the oldest form of advertisement and has remained the most popular till date. It consists of posters, electric sign, sign board, sky advertisement etc


  1. It can attract attention of many people
  2. It is very flexible
  3. It has comparatively longer life
2. Print or Press Media:

      It is the most popular and effective means of publicity. In India this media is commonly used by companies and accounts for nearly 70% of the total expenditure on advertisement media. It includes news papers, magazines, journals etc.


  1. It has a general and wide appeal
  2. Repeated advertisement is possible
  3. It s cheaper
  4. Periodical changes in size and contents can be done easily.
3. Broad Cast Media:

      The three broadcasting media for advertisement are - radio, television and film advertisement.

      Among the three, radios advertisement is the oldest and is one of the major advertisement media. Today television is considered as the best selling media ever invented. And film advertisement has emerged through the extensive use of camera and is spreaded all over the country.


  1. It has a very wide appeal
  2. It can overcome language barriers
  3. It makes advertisement more attractive and impressive.
  4. The products can be demonstrated fully
  5. It covers both rural and urban areas
  6. It is suitable for the illiterate also
    1. 4. Direct Mail:

            It includes sales letters, catalogue, pricelist, booklets etc. it is most personal and selective. It reaches only to the desired customers


      1. It provides maximum informations about the products
      2. It has maximum personal appeal
      3. It can be timed as per the advertisers will
        1. 5. Other Forms of Advertisement:

                There are many other forms of advertisements, the popular among them are:

          1. Exhibitions
          2. Displays
          3. Advertising Specialist