Notes On Marketing Department And Other Non Selling Department:

       The marketing department of the organisation should work smoothly with other departments of the organisation such as production, finance, personnel, sales etc avoiding frictions.

       The relationship of the marketing department with other non-selling department of the organisation is as follows:

1. Relation with Production Department:

       Production department is a technical department headed by production managers. This department is directly related with the marketing department. Without proper coordination and cooperation of production department, the marketing department cannot succeed. Hence, incase of innovation of new product idea, the marketing department must be consulted.

2. Relation with Purchase Department:

       Purchase department is concerned with the collection of goods in one place and is also responsible for grading and sorting of goods. Scientific purchase ca make task of marketing smooth and effective. The marketing manager must inform about his own plan to the purchase manager so that the purchase manager is able to prepare his own plans regarding necessary purchases.

3. Relation with Personnel Department:

       The marketing manager must discuss with personnel manager about the manpower required for the business. The personnel manager should provide the marketing department with the right kind and number of persons with right qualification at the right time.

4. Relation with Finance Department:

       Finance is the lubricant that facilitates smooth running of the wheels of marketing. All parties involved in marketing namely producers, middleman, and consumers require finance. Hence, the marketing department must maintain close relation with the finance department. The marketing department cannot formulate plans and policies of a new product innovation, employment of sales personnel, advertisement etc. without consulting the finance manager because all these decisions directly affect the volume of funds.

5. Relation with Legal Department:

       Modern Marketing Department is governed by various laws and bye-laws, rules and regulations. Therefore many big companies maintain a separate legal department to advise the marketing manager. The marketing manager must consult the legal officer of the organisation as and when required.