Notes On Importance And Technique Of Motivation:

       Motivation is linked with the will to do the work. It is the act of changing the psychological atmosphere in the mind of a salesman to make him work better.

       There are some salesmen who are rightly called "Self Starter" and they hardly needs any encouragement. However, majority of the salesman needs to be motivated.

Need for Motivations:

       The need for motivation arises due to the following reasons:

1. To keep Sales Force Happy:

       It is normally found that a salesman does his best when he is in good mood. Therefore encouragement is necessary in the form of money, promotion, transfer and the like factors.

       It is said that "If you keep the sales force happy, you can get more than you want"

2. Nature of Work:

       The nature of work of a salesman involves a chain of incidents both happy and unhappy. Some brings in orders and some only complaints and arguments. The salesman remains under constant mental tension. Therefore to keep their morale and level of performance high, motivation is necessary.

3. To give Human Treatment:

       A salesman is not a machine. He has sentiments and feelings. Money is not the only thing in his life. The performance of a salesman is conditioned by the condition of his family. Therefore the incentives given to the salesman should also account for non-financial incentives such as sympathy, recognition etc.

Importance Of Motivation:
  1. To keep the morale of the sales man high
  2. To motivate the salesmen accept the challenges relating to production changes and market situation
  3. To increase the rate of salesman turnover.
  4. To bring industrial peace and harmony and other intangible assets
Motivation Technique:

       The subject of motivation is highly complex because different individuals have different aspirations. The main technique of motivating salesman can be discussed under two groups:

I. Financial:

  1. A straight or fixed salary
  2. Commission
  3. Combined payment of salary, bonus and commission
  4. Re-imbursement of expenses
  5. Fringe Benefits

II Non- Financial Benefits:

A. Individual Basis:

  1. Sales Quota
  2. Sales Meetings
  3. Promotions

Group Basis:

  1. Sales Contest
  2. Magazines and Bulletins
  3. Booklets
  4. Motion Picture