Notes On Product Mix:

       Product mix is the composite of products offered for sale by a firm or a business unit. It is the collection of products manufactured or distributed by a firm. Changes are frequently made by the manufacturer in their product mix for the purpose of diversification of risk. This is an application of the dictum, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Likewise, a firm should not depend upon one or two products. The products wide, depth and consistency are the three important dimension of product mix.

1. Products Width:

       The width of product mix refers to the different products which are offered to the public b a company. The greater the number of products the greater is the product line width. Some companies confine themselves to one or two products.

       A company that sells say cigarettes, Razors, Biscuits, Cosmetics etc is said to have wider product mix.

2. Product Depth:

       The term of depth of product mix refers to the average number articles offered within each category of product. The articles offered for sale relates to the main product of the company. The greater s the number of blend for any product class the greater is the product depth.

3. Product Consistency:

       A company is said to have product consistency, if the same skill is required in manufacturing or distribution channel. Many companies maintain product consistency even when they add new product to their product line.