Notes On Essential Of Interview:

Meaning of Interview:

      Even the most confident person is likely to experience some nerves in an interview situation. While it’s absolutely normal to feel nervous, the more preparation you do, the better you will be able to show why you are the right person for the job.

       Interview is a face to face conversation between two persons- interviewer and interviewee. It gives an opportunity to understand and form a clear picture of the personality of the candidate. It helps the interview to know about the gesture, facial expression and communication capabilities of the interview.

       Interview should be taken in a room free from disturbance, noise, interruption. Privacy and comfort are the main aids to free talk.

Essentials of Interview:

       The following are the essentials of good interview-

I. Preparation for interview:

       A considerable amount of preparation is needed for all types of interview.

       The following two principles should be emphasized- i) Objectives Of Interview:

       While preparing for interview the interviewer should know what he wants to achieve out of the interview. The nature of interview depends upon its objective.

ii) Data:

       All the relevant information about the candidate should be summarized. The interviewer should review the summary and plan him accordingly.

II. Setting for Interview:

       The setting for interview should be physical and mental.

1. Physical:

       An interview should be private as well as comfortable. It encourages the candidate to talk frankly. Numerous interpretations by telephone or by secretary reduce the privacy and indicate lower status of the interview.

2. Mental:

       The interviewer should make an initial effort to establish a relaxed atmosphere. He may initiate an ideal talk instead of plunging into the business directly.

III. Conduct of Interview:

       The following principles should be followed in course of interview.

1. Liking and Respect:

       The interviewer should possess and demonstrate liking and respect for people. This is not a specific rule but a fundamental philosophy.

2. Encouragement:

       Questions should be asked in such a way that the interviewee feels encouraged to answer. He should be given sufficient time to answer.

3. Pleasant atmosphere:

       All interviews should have a pleasant atmosphere. The interviewer should be at ease and should keep the candidate at easy.

4. Art of Listening:

       The interviewer must have the art of listening. He must listen faster than the candidate can talk.

5. Two way Traffic:

       There should be two way traffic in interview. The candidate should given opportunity to ask questions about the company and the job offered for.

6. Closing the Interview:

       The following two principles should be followed in closing the interview.

(a) Courtesy:

       The interviewer should be courteous and friendly. Whether the applicant has qualified or not. Every candidate should be thanked for showing interest in the organisation.

(b) Future Action:

       The candidate should be given indication of the future action what should be the next step in employment should be known to all candidates. The rejected candidate should be informed by face to face or by indirect means of communication.

Evaluation of Interview:

       The interviewer should record the facts, impression and decisions immediately after the interview. After interview, in an honest Manner; all important points should be considered for final judgment.