Notes On Job Evaluation:

Meaning Of Labour Welfare:

       The term labour welfare has been very elastic. Its merits and motive has been subject to controversial discussion.

       According to a report of the I L O, labour welfare should be understood as such services, facility and amenities provided by an undertaking to enable the persons employed by them to perform their work in healthy and congenial surrounding. This includes canteen, rest and recreation facility, medical facility, accommodation to workers who are employed at a distance from their home. According to Labour Investigation committee (1945) of the Govt. of India, "we prefer to include under labour activity anything done for the intellectual, physical and economic betterment of the workers whether by employer, by Govt. or by other agencies."

       In a nut shell, Labour welfare includes housing, medical, educational facilities, rest and recreation facilities, Co- op. society, sickness and maternity benefit, provident fund, gratuity and pension benefit etc.

Classification of Labour Welfare Activity:

       Labour welfare activities can be divided under the following broad heads:

1) Statutory:

       Statutory welfare refers to those provisions which are derived from the govt. The Govt. enacts certain legislation regarding working and Living condition, minimum wages, safety and sanitation such statutory provisions are gradually increasing along with industrial development.

2) Voluntary:

       Under voluntary welfares, we include those amenities which are provided by the employer for their workers. It helps to increase the efficiency of the workers and reduces the chances of conflict between employer and worker.

3) Mutual:

       Mutual welfare refers to those amenities which are initiated by the workers for their betterment in a suitable manner.

       Labour welfare activities can be further sub divided into two groups:

4. Intra Moral:

       It includes those amenities provided by the employer inside the factory. e.g.; canteen, sanitary, adequate lighting etc.