Notes On Essentials Of Selection:

Meaning Of Selection:

       Selection is the process of selecting the right employees at the right time. This process of selection leads to employment of persons who possess the ability and qualification to perform the jobs.

       The basic purpose of selection is to choose the right candidates for various organisational works.

Meaning Essentials or Requirements of selection:

       The selection policy can be successful if the following requirements have been satisfied

1. Selection Board:

       The responsibility of selecting employees should be assigned to an efficient and qualified selection board so that only the right man can be elected.

2. Job first, man next:

       This should be the basic and fundamental principal of selection.

3. Proper sources:

       Selection should be from internal and external sources and management should not rely much on one single source.

4. Proper standards:

       Selection should be based on standards set out by job analysis. If suitable candidate is not available, the post should be allowed to remain vacant for time being until a right man is available.

5. Differential selection method:

       The differential selection level for different levels of posts should be followed.

6. Consistency:

       The selection policy should not surpass the organisational general policy. It should be within the framework.

7. Flexibility:

       Selection policy should not be rigid; it should be flexible so that necessary amendments can be made whenever required.

8. Unbiased:

       The selection policy should be unbiased and should be employment oriented.

Meaning Difference Between Requirement and Selection:

       Technically speaking recruitment and selection are not synonymous.

       Recruitment process aims at developing and maintaining the adequate man power resources upon whom the organisation can depend when it requires more employees- at the required number and kind of human resources. Recruitment is only one of the steps in the entire employment process.

       On the other hand, selection leads to employment of persons who possess the ability and qualification to perform the job.

       The main difference between recruitment and selection are as follows.

1. Recruitment means announcing job opportunities to the public in such a way that a good number of people may apply for them.

       While selection means choosing those applicants who are most likely to suit the job.

2. Recruitment is the process of finding and developing the sources of prospective employees. It is a positive process. While;

       Selection is the process of choosing the suitable candidates rejecting the unsuitable ones. It is a negative process.

3. In case of recruitment, preliminary interview is not widely used.

       In case of selection, interview is the most widely used technique.

4. Recruitment is the first step for appointment of employees; While;

       Selection is the second step in selection of employees.

5. Recruitment process does not establish contractual relationship between employer and employee

       On the other hand, selection process establishes a contractual relationship between employer and employee.