Notes On Selection Procedure:

       Selection has become a critical process these days because of heavy investment of money in business. If right type of person are not chosen, it will lead to huge loss of the employer in terms of time, efforts and money.

       It is, therefore essential to device a suitable employment procedure.

1. Preliminary Interview:

       The selection programme begins with preliminary interview. It may take place across the counter in the organisations employment office. The purpose of preliminary interview is to pre-eliminate the totally unsuitable candidate.

2. Application Blank:

       An important step in hiring man for organisation is to get a written record of his qualification, experience and other specialty. Application blank is used to obtain information in the applicants own handwriting. The application blank should be as simple as possible and it must help in securing necessary informations.

3. Employment Test:

       Before deciding upon the job suitable for a particular individual one should know the level of his ability and Knowledge. This will require the use of employment test which are as follows.

(a) Intelligence Test:

       These tests are used to judge the mental capacity of the applicant.

(b) Aptitude Test:

       Aptitude means the potential which an individual have for development. These tests are most useful for predicting future success.

(c) Interest Test:

       Interest test identify the pattern of interest in a particular area where the individual shows special concern. These tests will suggest what type of jobs may be satisfying to the employee.

(d) Personality Test:

       Personality test is the communication of aptitude, interest, emotional reactions, maturity of mind etc;

4. Employment Interview:

       Personal interview is perhaps the most widely used method for selecting employees. Interview may be used to acquire more information about the candidate. The main purposes of interview are:

  1. To find out the suitability of the candidate;
  2. To deck more informations about the candidate;
  3. To give the candidate an accurate picture of the job.

5. Checking References:

       Prior to final selection, the perspective employer normally makes an investigation on the references supplied by the applicant. Reference checking involves a thorough search into the candidates post employment personal reputation, police record, financial conditions etc;

6. Physical Examination:

       The pre- employment physical exam or medical test of a candidate is an important step in selection procedure. It has three objectives-

  1. To ascertain the applicants physical capabilities.
  2. To prevent communicable dieses entering the organisation.
  3. To protect the organisation against an unwarranted under the warrant compensation law.

7. Final Approval or Placement:

       After the candidate has cleared all the hard works of the employment procedure, he is formally appointed after issuing him appointment letter. Generally, the candidates are not appointed on permanent basis. They are kept under probation for a few months or so.

       During the probationary period, if the candidate is not found suitable; the management may transfer him time and training to improve himself.