Notes On Duties Of Company Secretary Towards The Company Shareholders Directors And Public:

Duties of the Secretary before the Meeting:
  1. The Secretary prepares the statutory report in Form Number 22 and submit the draft of the statutory report in front the Directors for their approval.
  2. The Secretary must see that the auditors of the company have certified the statutory report and after obtaining the signature of the auditor, the secretary calls for the board meeting and submit the report to the board for signing.
  3. After obtaining the approval of the statutory report, the secretary must get the report printed at least 24 days before the date of the meeting. He must also see to it that the copy of the report is forwarded to every member of the company.
  4. The secretary must file a copy of the statutory report with the Registrar immediately after dispatching it to the member.
  5. The Secretary must chalk out the agenda of the meeting with the consultation of the Chairman.
  6. The Secretary must prepare a complete list with the name and address of the members and the number of shares held by them.
  7. The secretary has to supervise and see that proper sitting arrangements have been made for the members attending the meeting.
Duties of the Secretary at the Meeting:
  1. To secure the attendance of the members before commencement of the meeting.
  2. To ascertain the requisite quorum of the meeting.
  3. To read out the notice convening the meeting
  4. To read out the statutory report at the meeting
  5. To make a record the proceeding and supply necessary if the chairman direct to do so.
Duties of the Secretary after the Meeting:
  1. To prepare the minutes at the proceedings at the meetings
  2. To point out the minutes at the minutes book
  3. To get the minutes approved by the chairman and signed by him within 30 days of the meeting.
  4. Carry out the instruction of the board if any, arising out of the meeting.