Buying (Selling):

When a person is negotiating a deal, he or she is either buying or selling something. As a seller, the person is not only trying to sell product also his/her repo and simultaneously trying to buy the trust and confidence of the buyer to convince the buyer regarding the product so that the deal can be sealed. And from the buyer's point of view, only if the buyer is convinced about the seller's repo and also about the product, the deal will be made. As such, every transaction also technically involves two abstract aspects- trust, confidence etc. The buyer is not only buying, but is also selling the conviction and the seller is not only selling but is also buying the confidence of the buyer.

This rule of thumb plays a dominating role in case of concept selling like holiday package; the product to be sold is intangible because the buyer is assumed not to have visited the place before. So for the buyer, it's only the idea that is to be bought, the product to be sold is a concept which needs to be convinced to buyer. When the concept is convinced to the buyer, the concept becomes an intangible product sold by the seller. The whole business is based on trust and confidence of both the buyer and the seller.

This also stands valid when the product in question involves a huge sum of money say for example apartment. Here, although the product is tangible, the trust and confidence of the seller plays a huge role. This is because for a common man, buying is a house is like a life time achievement and involves almost entire life's savings of the buyer. As such buyer normally approaches only those sellers whose market repo is considered great.

Again, we find that is case of cosmetics business, where the skin conditions of the consumers are in question, it is only the trust on the product that helps the business to survive and flourish. Here it is to be noted that, primarily, it is only the trust of both the buyer and seller that normally becomes the basis of business. As such the seller while selling a product is also buying the trust of the purchaser and the purchaser is not purchasing the product but is also purchasing the trust of the seller and is simultaneously selling his/her confidence on the seller.