Sept 20 2019

Checklist In Life:

The term Checklist is familiar with every single person on earth. It has become a part and parcel of life. So much so that it might not be wrong to say that it got infused into our blood. Checklist in life intent to make your work and life easier and should focus on one be at a certain point of time in life.

Since childhood we have been taught about it consciously or subconsciously. Remember before going to school we used to have mental checklist to see if we had taken all that is required. Few years thereafter we find there is checklist of things that we should know and do and also checklists of things that we should not know and should never do. What the hell isn't it? Is our life mingled with checklist of what we should do and shouldn't do? Some to be done at the moment, some later in life and some never to be known or done. The fact of the matter is that nobody has the answers.

I am of the opinion that with the changing world, life changes and so does the check list. This is because my own checklist has always been evolving throughout my life and has been confusing my mind. During schooling days before exams my checklist used have name of subjects that needs to be prepared, than after exam the checklist became fun filled with travels and things do done during vacation. During college days, it used to get mingled with studies, movies, dates, etc, etc. After completion of formal education the nature of checklist gets a bit serious, things to be done and achieved in life. The list has some to be done within few years and on top of that was like establishing me with a good a career as primarily survival comes first in life, than getting married, have kids, buying assets. These tangible items can be checked off in life.

But honestly, I am just another normal guy with no idea where will I be two to three years down the line. And mostly people like me try to chalk out what the hell do they want to achieve in life. And the life goes on trying to figure out and that's absolutely fine. This is because no matter how much materialistic things we achieve in life, our checklist never ends. Basic human nature you know.

As I matured in life with experience, I found that the tangible things were there in my check list because my aspirations had no limit. I realized that no job is small so long as it is legal and if it done with heart and soul. The payoff may be small but that's ok for starting off. So I started off my life with a small payoff and eventually with passage of time I could establish myself. But the checklist was always there back in my mind. Just the time got lengthier. It took me few more years to check it off. I was not terrified with the fact that I am getting older every single day. I was relaxed but focused.

But then I realized that my check list was based on the idea of "Where should I be at a certain point of time in life". It was only tangible in nature. But the meaning of life is something else. Its beauty lies in the moments we live. There are also some intangible things that are of prime importance - the love and affection of friends, colleagues and family members. Then I started to live and enjoy every moment- whether at work place, or at home with family. Segregated work time and family time. And in my work time, I try to find humour in life with my colleagues and try to enjoy every moment. This makes my life a bit stress free. I am saying 'a bit' because being human worries, tensions, and stress is a part of our life. But it does not mean that we should not live life and get depressed.

I strongly believe that having a checklist in life is very important as this make life less complicated in the sense that at least I would know what I need in life and be focussed on that. And I opine that checklist should be to have-

  1. A simple, less chaotic life.
  2. More understanding on why I'm doing and what is the purpose
  3. Good thoughts
  4. Fun filled
  5. Flexible so that changes can be made when required