"Let's Go" (Inclusive Nature):

Whenever we need to get a work done, ordering someone to do the work is a common feature. This bossing attitude is something which I presume is normally found on someone who gets the position not by virtue of merit but by fluke or through inheritance with very little knowledge of human resource management.

Position and stature definitely matters but to get the work done we sometime need to come down to the level required if situation demands. This is what business demands. As a superior, we need to recognise the contribution of the subordinates of the organisation. They are the foot soldiers of the towering organisational structure. The foot soldiers of the organisation should not be felt thankless. This might bring down their morale. When a simple pat on the back can do the trick; then why not pat the back of an employee for the good work done. Also if for some reason if the allotted work is not getting done, it becomes necessary to physically verify the reports of the different levels of the organisation. The reason for not getting the work done should be dug out and the necessary rectification measures should be initiated immediately.

Although it is a rare phenomenon when we find that boss works along with the workers. But it is found that for a leader who always lead from the front and for whom the word "Let's Go" means inclusive of himself, finding employees to get the work done for him or as advised is pretty easy. This is simply because the confidence of the workers stands high when the leader works along with them.

A simple recognition is all that is required. But this simple thing is missing is common scenario. It is not that the 'Leader' or the 'Boss' is required to work as hard as the workers. The presence itself matters. This makes the workers feels more confident. This gesture is something we all need to consider whenever we need to get a work done no matter how big or small the work is or how many workers are needed to get the work done.

In an organisational structure, works are segregated within the different levels of the organisation and are done accordingly and as planned. As such an employee, irrespective of the position held should always be with the subordinates. I call it 'Inclusive Nature'.