Jan 27 2020

Figuring Out The ROI of Learning and On Life:

In financial terms, Return on Investment (ROI) is that ratio that helps to figure out if an investment will yield positive result.

As an integral part of the society we either (individually) or as an organization spend hefty amount in measuring the return on investment on our financial assets and we are very well trained to precisely calculate the ROI. But having said this, it is also true that when it comes to measuring the ROI of learning, there is no one precise way of measuring the return on investment in learning. This is because different people have different mindset and return on investment of learning means different things to different people in different circumstances. That’s a hell lot of differences.

But why so much of ambiguity? Well, because the ROI of learning returns yielded can be applied to the learners, to the business, or to a host of other multi-faceted criteria. So, the first and most challenging question when it comes to ROI of learning is "What to measure and how to measure it."

From the corporate point of view, ROI of learning can be measured by improved performance, as employees use newly gained skills to do their jobs better, and more effective on boarding, which helps employees achieve productivity sooner.

But, to start with, organization really needs to endeavour toward creating true learning ambience and cultures. That means creating structures and conditions for continuous learning and giving everyone the time and space required to engage with learning resources whenever they need them.

It also requires creating an environment where employees feel safe to talk about making mistakes, which is crucial for growth and self-improvement.

We all need to understand and accept that learning is a continuous process throughout our careers. It is applicable from the entry-level worker to all the way up to the most seasoned CEO. It can’t be restricted based on job title, profile or tenure if companies expect to see a solid ROI. In a true learning culture, every employee is empowered to pursue training when they need it.

About ROI of Life:

Sipping a cup of coffee, one fine day, out of the blue I started asking myself a simple question. Why Am I here today? “What am I really measuring in life that I am happy or not happy overall in totality?” When it comes to investing our money, there is a simple formula for return on investment when it comes to money. But what about life?

In figuring out the ROI of Life, the parameters are different. What do we really want when it comes to investing our time, the hours that we devote to our spiritual and physical health, family, kids, helping others and life’s work? Most of us just want to be happy overall. And to be happy overall we need to look at the individual elements that contribute to being happy or not happy. This is how one should measure return on investment of life.

To make it a tactical asset, ROI needs to be woven into the fabric life be it professional or personal only then it will yield positive results that will really add up.

Think About it!