Sept 30 2019

Students' Time Management:

It's night before your accountancy exam and you know that you are not prepared for it. Somehow you finished your paper the next day just before the final bell. On the day of result you find that you got marginal number (last grade).

Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and ask yourself. Do you really deserve this? What went wrong? And then you realize that it a result of ineffective time management?

Let's share some secret to make most of your time!

Schedule Not Followed:

During college days most of us plan and schedule our time but how many of us do follow that religiously. We keep on pushing it for tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. Having freedom of making our own schedule often result in wasting time in non-productive works or having no schedule at all. We need to choose our daily priorities and schedule our time accordingly. This will help to manage time effectively and free up time for relaxation. Planning the day out is vital. It is the only motivator for waking up everyday knowing exactly the priorities that needs to be attended.


Mere scheduling your day does not mean that the day's work has been accomplished. The secret lies in holding our accountable that we seldom do. Again knowing that the schedule has not been followed, we try to console our self saying tomorrow we will make it up. And it just does not happen. This is because we don�t have the courage to make our accountable in true sense. Had we made our self truly accountable for the day wasted, we would have increased the productive of the very day and make up for the time wasted. Yes do exactly that what is required.

Arrange Your Free Time:

First we need to understand that the beauty of scheduling or time management lies in the fact that we can arrange our time off from studies "Our Free Time". We also need to understand the proverb "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Studying all the time often leaves you feeling unmotivated, unhappy, and exhausted. Fatigue study is also necessary. Give yourself a break, and then you will set yourself up for success. You will be able to tackle things more effectively if you are physically rested and mentally rejuvenated!

But Readers!

The Question still remains.

Can We Really Implement This???