The Problem With Marketing:

The fundamental problem with marketing is that it is both art as well as science.

Initially, the marketers tend to become scientist in the sense they do all sorts of tests and measures for finding a product. The ins and outs of the product is tested and measured minutely and only after being convinced, the same marketers then start doing the mathematical part. They calculate very penny that is spend in developing the product and amount that will be required for product advertisement. They try and estimate the impact that will be caused in the market with the launch of the product and also try to figure its expected financial return. Now, after taking the trouble of making all sorts of analytical reasoning, it is expected that everything goes well as expected but often the reality reflects differently. This is simply because the ultimate consumers are human and human mind cannot be gauged precisely.

Again, another set of marketers are artists whose choice of product is based on some kind of inspirations that they accept challengingly and try to connect themselves with all the facets of the product from the very idea that is conceived to its final launch and its expected market potential. These set of artist (marketers) believe to start from the scratch, make an in depth analysis of its market potential, try and create a movement virtually, inspire consumers in the consumers preferred mindset, surprise people with something unexpected. They do everything that scientists (marketers) are good at. And again this seldom works.

The basic problem with marketing is with the consumers and their mindset. The ultimate consumers, whose fickle mindedness make them scientist and at times artists also their choice and preferences keeps on changing based on social and economic conditions. Normally, the consumers demand scientific results with artistic approach. Marketing is all about the decisions that the ultimate consumers would make on a product that will decide its future.

Here, it is worth to be noted that it is the eyes that first see the product, its package and then the minute details that contains the scientific bits. So probably, it's a must that a marketer has to have both - scientific and artistic skill to make a product successful. One sided approach is more likely to fail.