Time Management -
Prioritizing Work Economically, Effectively & Efficiently:

In business, it is not only the quantity that matters but also the quality. This is because a product is to be produce on specific quantity along with quality assurance. On production, the produce needs to go through several quality control tests, only then it is passed for sales. Also it is to be kept in mind that product so produced also has to be profitable for the business for its very existence and growth. This practically means that good amount of time, energy and money is involved in production of goods or doing a work. As such, the fact of the matter is that from the business point of view, doing more vs. doing better does not necessarily mean two different things. It carries the same meaning referring to both quantitative and qualitative aspect of a product and essentially refers to the aspect of 'Time Management'.

At work, time management plays a considerable role in employee's or employees' performance. Time management skill can be a real game changer if you know how to manage time economically, effectively and efficiently. Time management does not necessarily mean doing things by self, it also refers to getting things done by others (if and when required or if someone else is more skilful and best suited for doing a particular work). In time management, what matters is the end result.

Also considering the aspect of time management, instead of holding a meeting for discussions, a virtual meet or teleconference can also be considered as a great option considering time crunch or work pressure.

It is also to be noted that for effective time management, a to-do list is a perquisite for setting beforehand your priorities and goals. You are expected to know in advance what is to be done, by whom it is to be done and how it is to be done and also at what cost. When the day's important or prioritized work is done effectively and accomplished in time span, only then the day's next priority is to be considered.

It is also to be noted that time management does not in any sense advocate multitasking. Human brains are normally not made for multitasking, it's scientifically impossible. Physically when we get into multitasking work switching from one activity to another very frequently, our brain cannot cope up with that. It is rather made for one activity at a time. Or else the end result will not be as effective as expected.

Time management always prioritize effectiveness. There is no point doing a job if you shouldn't be doing that job at all. This is because at the end of the day, how much time you need to effectively accomplish your goal is what matters.

Time management also advocates avoidance or closure of distractions be it mobile phone, chit-chatting at work, email messages, co-workers or anything that deviates mind and focus. Distraction of mind and getting back mind back to work consumes precious work time. To be more effective, one should primarily focus on tasks that is being done and that inherently carries a deadline for effective completion.