When Feet Is Grounded:

An organization with feet grounded:

  1. Pays minute attention to success and failure.
  2. Recognises staffs' and subordinates' efforts.
  3. Believes in developing and maintaining good relationships with all concerned be it internal or external
  4. Tries to find out reasons why consumers stopped using its product or service.
  5. Pays importance in sponsoring events.
  6. Pays attention to concerned people and engage with them in preferred a way.
  7. Emphasises in blogging.
  8. Emphasises in frequent engagement with people who are eager and happy to hear from you.
  9. Emphasises in connecting with people within the industry.
  10. Believes in hosting community meetings.
  11. Believes in donating for noble causes and also encourages other to do so.
  12. Emphasises in handing out free samples whenever there's a chance to do so.
  13. Honestly reflects its consumers in where and how the competitor's products are a better choice.
  14. Builds a basis of recruiting procedure well before hand before hiring someone.