August 01 2019

Why And What Of Life:

The words "Why" and "What" are the two terms that requires greatest understanding to have a peaceful balanced life.

This does not advocate that life is all about figuring out all the answers and mysteries that dodge us. No, that's practically impossible. It would be a fool's task to do that. But if our quest is noble and virtuous it would not be wrong to say that that discovering a purpose in life is not that difficult as it appears to be at first sight. In fact, if the method of identification is correct with honest concentrated focus; we can find a noble reason for our thoughts, words and action.

Our problem is that we tend to get influenced or sometimes get jealous with other peoples achievements without thinking about our strength and weakness and without realizing that everything is not meant for everybody. But life continues to teach and reveal greater wisdom and beauty the more we seek to find ourselves. This is also a healing process.

It is said that success and what who you are meant to be are astronomical. But, it is also true that we need to assess our self. We need to understand our strength and weakness, not in terms of money but both mental, physical, educational, spiritual, and emotional. This clarity of thought and peace of mind will help us to shape our life and define why do we do what we do?

Normally, our parents and teachers take the all hardships for educating us; teach us the meaning of life. What and why we should do or we should not do. But we hardly realize their teachings.

Personally, I feel that most of us don't realize the strength and weakness until and unless we are burdened with adult responsibility. Those who do realize succeed in what they do. Having said that, also it cannot be denied that sometimes lives don't give us the chance and time to choose to do what we would love to do in life. And sometimes we tend to blame others including our family for not doing well in life. This is because we don't feel content with what we have and as such don't feel happy in life.

Modern day life has become a machine for human beings. Initially, we run after one square meal a day, than to have a good life and a bright future, earn respect etc. After that we tend to settle down make a family have kids and then the same thing happens. This monotonous life makes us to do what we do. Also the fight for survival makes us to do what we do.

Finally, I simply and very strongly believe that the "Why" and "What" of life should be to achieve happiness in life. In a split second, I do what I do because at that moment I think that it is right thing to do. Looking back I wonder why did I do that.?

Again, if I do something after much thinking then I don't be give a second thought after doing that. This is because what is done cannot be made undone. And time might prove it to be wrong. Nobody can guarantee it.

I feel this is life all about.

I hope you find some value in these!